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Wilton 101 cookie cutters set

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    Massive Tub of 101 Cookie Cutters by Wilton.

    A cookie cutter for every occasion!

    A super size tub of cookie cutters for any occasion, any season, any age!
    Big brightly coloured plastic shapes great for both food and crafts all in their own tidy tub with handle.

    Use these kid-friendly cutters for fun foods like cookies, sandwiches, cheese, brownies and more.


    Full alphabet and number sets measuring approx 5cm high
    8 different hearts
    2 bunnies, egg, butterfly, cross & flower for Easter
    2 further flowers
    2 pumpkins, ghost, moon, witch, cat, haunted house & bat for Halloween.
    Gingerbread man, boy, lady and girl
    2 trees, candy cane, snow man, stocking and bell for Christmas
    6 different circles
    3 different stars and shooting star
    2 dinosaurs
    2 bears
    duck, dog, bone, fish, flag, hand, foot, cowboy boot, cowboy hat, sports trophy, baseball cap, helmet, rugby ball, train, car, aeroplane, fire engine and lorry.

    What more could you need!

    Weight 1kg