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PME Cake / Fondant Steamer UK or EU Plug

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  • The PME Cake Steamer - NEW from PME.

    Available with Uk  or EU plug.  

    The new easy way of steaming your cakes and sugarcraft decorations.

    Ideal to use with sugarpaste, fondant, flower/ gum paste.

    Removes any excess icing/ powdered sugar or cornflour/ corn starch.

    It can be used to create a natural shine or glaze.

    The steamer includes vapour release - lock/ unlock  -  on/ off switch  -  level indicator and electric cable and plug.

    Water tank capacity 140ml

    Heat up time 1 minute

    Running time 8 minutes

    Power 800w

    Frequency 50/60Hz

    Voltage AC100-120 or 220-240

    One setting

    See below for ideas for use.

    The Virtues of Steam

    Steam makes an immediate difference in the appearance of fondant. Instead of its usual soft, matte appearance, steamed fondant displays a slick, shiny surface similar to molded chocolate. If your fondant shows fingerprints, cornstarch or powdered sugar from the rolling process, a quick blast of steam will make all of those disappear. An entire decorated cake can be steamed by putting it in a large countertop steamer, but that glosses the whole cake. Steaming by hand lets you control the entire process.

    The Effects

    Wherever the fondant is steamed, its surface becomes shiny. For example you might steam Santa's boots or belt to make them shiny, while shielding the red suit with a spatula or sheet of foil to keep it matte and velvety-looking. If you use luster dust on your decorations to give them a more realistic appearance, steaming will "set" the dust and prevent it from rubbing off. Steaming also deepens the colors slightly. The shininess of steaming is temporary and will fade over a day or so, but can be refreshed by steaming the cake again. Don't over-steam a single area, or it might soften enough to droop and lose its shape.

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