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Jem 29 Piece Master nozzle Set

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  • 29 piece master nozzle set. JEM Nozzles, flower nails and a coupler. Quality stainless steel seamless nozzles.

    Set includes the following Nozzles:

    Closed Star Nozzles: (NZ24, 27, 30), Basketweave Nozzles: (NZ44, 47), Drop Flower Nozzles: (NZ140, 217)

    Leaf Nozzles: (NZ67, 70), Petal Nozzles: (NZ59, 61, 63, 101, 103, 104)

    Open Star Nozzles: (NZ13, 18), Speciality Nozzles: (NZ77, 95, 96, 98)

    Round Nozzles: (NZ2, 4, 10), Ruffle Nozzles: (NZ88)

    Also Includes: 2 JEM Flower Nails and a Coupler

    Supplied in clear plastic storage box to protect your tubes from damage.

    Weight 0.2kg