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Here you will find a sugarcraft tool for every job! From smoothing your icing, ribbon insertion, creating sugar bows to cutting your florist wires.  We stock a great range of tools including FMM, PME, Kit Box & Jem.

Ateco 4" rounded end straight palette knifeAteco 4" rounded end straight palette knife
Ateco 6.5 " Cranked Palette KnifeAteco 6.5 " Cranked Palette Knife
Ateco pointed end cranked palette knifeAteco pointed end cranked palette knife
Ateco rounded end crank palette knifeAteco rounded end crank palette knife
Ball tool large & smallBall tool large & small
Bone toolBone tool
Cake side scribing and marking toolCake side scribing and marking tool
Closed Curve Crimper 13mmClosed Curve Crimper 13mm
Closed Curve Crimper 19mmClosed Curve Crimper 19mm
Closed Scallop Crimper 13mmClosed Scallop Crimper 13mm
Closed Scallop Crimper 19mmClosed Scallop Crimper 19mm
Culpitt 8 Sugarcraft Modelling tool SetCulpitt 8 Sugarcraft Modelling tool Set
Cutting wheels - PMECutting wheels - PME
Edgers prestige flexi-knife toolEdgers prestige flexi-knife tool
Flower drying standFlower drying stand
Flower formersFlower formers
Flute & vein sugarcraft toolFlute & vein sugarcraft tool
FMM ejector / plunger toolFMM ejector / plunger tool
FMM Filigree Lace & Lace Motif Impression Sugarcraft MatsFMM Filigree Lace & Lace Motif Impression Sugarcraft Mats
Icing side scrapersIcing side scrapers
Jem florist tape and ribbon cutterJem florist tape and ribbon cutter
Jem Handy Holder - Sugarflower drying standJem Handy Holder - Sugarflower drying stand
Jem modelling tools ~ Set of 6 double ended.Jem modelling tools ~ Set of 6 double ended.
Jem sugarcraft tool no.11 Quilling ToolJem sugarcraft tool no.11 Quilling Tool
Non stick sugarcraft frilling sticksNon stick sugarcraft frilling sticks
Nordic Ware Baking ThermometerNordic Ware Baking Thermometer
Paste bow makerPaste bow maker
Paste ribbon cutterPaste ribbon cutter
PME Cake Decorators Icing Nozzle StandPME Cake Decorators Icing Nozzle Stand
PME Cake Leveller 12" 30 cmPME Cake Leveller 12" 30 cm
PME Cake Leveller 18 " 46 cmPME Cake Leveller 18 " 46 cm
PME Craft Brushes 5 piece setPME Craft Brushes 5 piece set
PME Design wheeler with 3 heads.PME Design wheeler with 3 heads.
PME Icing Flower NailsPME Icing Flower Nails
PME Large Rolling Pin Guide RingsPME Large Rolling Pin Guide Rings
PME Marzipan SpacersPME Marzipan Spacers
PME Mini Modelling Tool SetPME Mini Modelling Tool Set
PME MIni palette knife / sugarcraft spatulaPME MIni palette knife / sugarcraft spatula
PME Modelling tool 8 setPME Modelling tool 8 set
PME Small Rolling Pin guide RingsPME Small Rolling Pin guide Rings

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